About us



"See the light within, be the Star on Earth"

Following the heart, the inner light, to serve, to observe and to support, with love, light and blessing. Trust everything will flow into life at prefect timing.

Providing space and tools to relax; to connect with our mind, body, heart, soul and spirit; to be open and receptive; to remember and embrace who we truly are and where we are at the moment and now on the journey. 

A place to share and support each other; to learn from each other as mirror; to take our own responsibilities to respond our soul; to shine ourselves; to integrate, embody and embrace every part of us; to co-create the world.

Our Team

Pik Ching LUK 陸碧澄

(Owner & Founder)

Pik Ching is her whole first name, Pik means emerald green, jade; Ching means limpid, clarify and clean up. Pik Ching began to aware her spiritual journey in childhood. She has been activating different spiritual and holistic parts of herself from different cultures and countries, in order to find her inner peace, light and love. In 2014, Family Constellation came into her life to show her the way to respect parents, others and the truth, and to look wider from the soul point of views, that healed her wounds and settled the entanglements. Since then, anger and sorrow in herself and the family slowly transformed into compassion and love. 

Born in Hong Kong, received education there, USA, and Europe. She applied her global and educational experience within hospitality and finance industries. In 2018, she found herself urge to follow her own heart and trust the flow, that had led her to leave the corporate world, family, comfort zones and travel around the world by herself, on the journey of self-discovery. Esoteric Numerology showed up in front of her again during the travel to remind and confirm her blueprint in this life, who she truly is, and where she was at that moment in time. She found the path to return "home". 

Pik Ching devoted herself to serve the light, the spiritual force, and to be the witness of humanity, with peace, compassion and love. In 2019, to respond her soul’s calling, she is continuing this chapter in Toronto, co-creating Star School. By sharing her knowledges and experiences from her life, different modalities and insights, she supports each other to see the star within and find the path home. WE ARE ONE! 

Her Certifications:

Certified Esoteric Numerology Foundation Teacher [UK & Italy]
Certified Esoteric Tarot Teacher [UK]
Completion of the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah and the power of the Hebrew Letters [Italy]
Completion of Energy healings of Ushi Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki, Energy Alive, Quantum-Touch, Self Created Health, Cosmic Power, Soul/Body Consciousness Alignment, Inner Alchemy of the Soul (SQ), 7 Rays 

Completion of Children & Family Yoga Teacher [China]

Completion of Aroma Care Professional Level 1 [Germany D.F.A. Accredited]
In training of Family Constellation [Germany