Physical, emotion, mental and soul are connect. Heal yourself to shine your life.




Esoteric Numerology Reading


Numbers help us to tap into the inner work of transformation, as we journey towards the guiding light of Soul. Numerology is a symbol to tap into memory. Each one of us has to find our own source, just as we have to use our own eye to see. 

This reading could remind you what's going on from where you are standing (who you truly are with your potentials, what challenges you are having, what energies you are going to get through, what is your mission in this life). This esoteric numerology reading is soul based, not about using as a method of predication.

1 session (60 mins) = $125 + HST

*Please provide your birth info (date & time) and first legal name (Frist, middle and last name) upon booking

Esoteric Numerology Reading


This esoteric tarot reading is not about using the Tarot as a method of predication, but rather as a guide through which we can look at the state of our awareness of the world as it is today. It offers a new perspective on the traumas and crises that face us. This new perception comes from the healing point of view of the Soul.

Soul based reading, by using the Major Arcana (22 cards) of the Oswald Wirth Tarot Pack (French version). Allow you to take in for inter connection reading the issue you are focusing on. 

1 session (60 mins) = $125 + HST

5 sessions (60 mins) = $550 + HST



Distance / in person healing experience by connecting the pure light and unconditional love from the Source. Allowing yourself to receive the inner truth to shine the shadows within you. 

Ushi Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Energy Alive, Quantum Touch, Cosmic Power, Crystals, Colors Therapy, Sounds Healing, Essential Oils, Cards reading (Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Angels cards, Message cards), Meditation and Counseling might applied, depends on the needs at the moment of session.

1 session (60 mins) = $125 + HST

5 sessions (60 mins) = $550 + HST

Connect with your birth Angels


Lets find out and connect with your Guardian Angel, Heart Angel and Intellectual Angel, according to the 72 Angels at Kabbalistic system. Embrace your Angels and receive their guidance. Allow their supportive, pure light, love energies shining in you. 

Guardian Angel - 

Heart Angel - 

Intellectual Angel - 

1 session (60 mins) = $125 + HST

*Please provide your birth info (date, time and city of birth) upon booking.

Tailor handmade Soap/Shampoo Bar


According to what you needs physically and energetically, tailor handmade soap/shampoo bar with all organic natural ingredients with light, love and blessing. 

Resin (Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon Blood, etc), Essential Oils, Herbs, Beer, Wine, etc. might used, depends on the needs and client's wishes.

500g = $TBC + HST 

800g = $TBC + HST 

(15 minutes consultation included) 


See the light within us. Be the Star on Earth.

Self discovery is one way to deepen our self-love and self-acceptance, making us access very deep memories. Seeing the pattern of memories from the Soul point of view, the "crisis" becomes part of transformation. That heal and align ourselves at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

We are here using different tools, to support each other to discover our own self and remind ourselves who we are at this moment and now. Shine our inner light out.

*Services are available in person and distance by call / internet. 

*If you need help and having financial difficulties, come to talk to us. 

Inquiries, purchasing and scheduling appointments

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