Physical, emotion, mental and soul are connect. Heal yourself to shine your life.




Daily Morning 30 minutes Breathing & Meditation Practice


Welcome everyone and anyone to join our daily morning 30 minutes breathing & meditation practice. 

Practice daily in the morning to find your inner peace to start your day. Practice in a group to support each other, to share and to create. 

Every morning x:xx - x:xx am

5 mins settle down and read/draw cards

5 mins breathing exercise

15 mins meditation

5 mins breathing exercise 

Open to all and no pre-requisites are required.

Free donation

Esoteric Numerology Course


This course offers a positive approach to Numerology. We call it Soul-based Numerology because it reveals your inner life and its relationship to your personality. Its effect on our existence is both fascinating and illuminating. It will start to further your insight in order to allow intuition to develop. 

Open to all and no pre-requisites are required.

*This course is credited and certified by The Connaissance School of Numerology, UK. A certificate of attendance is awarded on completion. 

Esoteric Tarot Initiation Journey Workshop


 This workshop unveils the esoteric meanings of the Major Arcana and the journey of the Soul through initiation. We use the symbolism to be found in the Major Arcana of the Oswald Wirth Tarot pack. 

 This is a new exploration of the Tarot, which reveals the esoteric numerological links underlying this ancient system. 

Unique to the Course are 22 visualisations. During the visualisations, the inner life experience is explored, touching on soul consciousness. The spiritual message of the symbolism in the cards touches the mind and heart to expand our own understanding of the symbolic in our lives.

Open to all and no pre-requisites are required.

*This course is credited and certified by The Connaissance School of Numerology, UK. A certificate of attendance is awarded on completion. 

Women Circle


Weekly Ritual for FEMALES. 

Welcome all goddess to join our sacred sisterhood. Lets gather to share our love, wisdoms and treasures; to empower, support, nourish and honor each other on the journey with our special tools and strengths. To love own self, to embrace life.

Every xxxx evening 7:30pm - 9:30pm

$TBC per person (HST included)

*Please contact us if you would like to take a turn to share your special skills with unconditional love, to nourish and to empower yourself and the group. 

Reading Group


Reading can take you anywhere. 

Everyone has different perspective and angle to receive, accept and embody the knowledge, according to the own truth, experiences and wisdoms. We are mirrors to each other. Be open and receptive to learn and share by reading together.

Reading for the session: book xxxxxxx

Every xxxx evening 7:30pm - 9:30pm

$TBC per person (HST included)

DIY Workshop


Do you want to make your own products with the ingredients and the energy you want? Do you want to tailormade the gifts for your loves with your blessing?

Come to join us!

Make your own soap, shampoo bar, bath bombs, perfume, lip balm, lipsticks, massage oils, home cleaning products, etc.

*disclaimer for allergic issue

Kids / Family meditation


Weekend family event. 

Aim to enhance the connection between the parents and their child and be mindful on the own emotions. Understand and practice what emotions happening in the body, how to express the feelings in a safe way. In order to reduce stress, frustrations,, misinterpreting of the action/reaction and misunderstanding. To have better communication, to feel and express the unconditional love to each other. 

This workshop contains breathing technique, kids/family yoga, group games and art works.

Every Saturday 2pm - 5pm

$TBC per 1 adult and 1 child (HST included)

[$TBC extra for each addition person in the family] 

*Disclaimer that parent is taking full responsibility of their children in every aspect......

Family Constellation Exercise


Coming Soon


See the light within us. Be the Star on Earth.

Self discovery is one way to deepen our self-love and self-acceptance, making us access very deep memories. Seeing the pattern of memories from the Soul point of view, the "crisis" becomes part of transformation. That heal and align ourselves at all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

We are here using different tools, to support each other to discover our own self and remind ourselves who we are at this moment and now. Shine our inner light out.

*Services are available in person and distance by call / internet. 

*If you need help and having financial difficulties, come to talk to us. 

Inquiries, purchasing and scheduling appointments

E-mail: starschoolinfo@gmail.com   Contact: +1 (647) 913 1238