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Tea house in Toronto 

Coming soon in 2020

A place to relax & support each other

See the light within

be a Star on Earth


Every heart is a star, shining bright and full of light, just the same as the Source. 

We are on a journey to purify ourselves, to remember who we truly are and to see the star within ourselves. We are Stars on Earth.



Tea House

Tea House

"Self-love is found in the understanding that even the things we think of as 'flaws' are a beautiful part of our spiritual journey." Kabbalah

"Soul Work, touch the heart and it's done." 

Bert Hellinger

Private Sessions and Workshops for self-discovery, self-growth and healings are available.


Tea House

Tea House

Tea House

A place to relax & support each other.

Enjoy the numerology herbal tea that matching your personal numbers and create your inner balance.

Coming Soon in 2020



Tea House


We care, we share.

What is your Song (Life Path) number?

We serve our teas wholeheartedly with love and blessings

According to the esoteric numerology, The Connaissance School of Numerology, United Kingdom, the song number is the recurring refrain in our life, is the heartbeat of our life, the lesson that must be learnt and the qualities of soul we must release and express in this life. What inspire toward to express future.

Date of Birth + Month of Birth + each single digit number of the Year of Birth

For example: 15 May 2020

= 15 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0

= 24 

= 2+4

= 6

The Song Number is 6. Come to visit us and enjoy our esoteric numerology herbal Tea Six - Self Respect. Let it supports you!



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