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Esoteric Numerology


"Soul-based Numerology, it reveals your inner life and its relationship to your personality. It helps you to experience the cycles within your life and reveals a wider understanding of the messages behind numbers that you will find both fascinating and illuminating. It will start to further your insight in order to allow intuition to develop." 

The Connaissance School

"Number is the ruler of forms and ideas and is the cause of Gods and demons." Pythagoras

"Behind the wall the gods play; they play with numbers, of which the Universe is made up." Le Corbusier

Esoteric Tarot


"The extraordinary spiritual journey hidden in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. 

 The Tarot, seen as an initiatic tool, offers a perception of the inner work that a human being has to achieve as he associates with his Soul. This leads to contact with the higher mind and its universal experience." The Connaissance School

Sacred Geometry Items


Sacred Geometry is an ancient science, a sacred language, & a key to understanding the way the Universe is designed. Spirit manifest into matter.

Flower of life



 Gift from Mother Nature to keep you grounded. Symbolic as an attraction for love and wealth. Offers protective powers and healing properties. 

All jade items at Star School are originally raw jade stones from Myanmar and handmade by the family factory in Hong Kong with love and blessing.

Tailormade, Retails and Wholesales are welcomed.

Herbal tea



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